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100_lotr's Journal

100 Lord Of The Rings Icon Challenge
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The basic idea of this community is for icon makers to claim a subject for an amount of time and to make 100 icons out of that subject. This community was inspired by icons100 There are a bunch of other 100 icon challenge pages for Lord of the Rings but they have all seemed to die out.

How it works:
-Join the community. If you do not join you can not participate.
-Submit a claim to this post and wait for it to be approved
-Once it has been approved, you will have posting access and be able to post your icons
-You have to make 100 icons out of the subject of your claim, but you do not need to post them all at once.
-If you finish your challenge, you will get a banner to show off to your friends. You will also be added to the list of people who have successfully finished claims

If you have any questions you can ask them HERE

-You must complete your claim using your subject. Your claim must be a character, location, or race from Lord of the Rings. If you have question about subjects, then refer to this post.

-Each subject can only be claimed by one person at a time. You have 10 weeks to complete all 100 icons. You must post your first batch of icons withing the first 2 weeks of claiming your subject. This first post must have at least 10 icons, but it is allowed to have more.

-At this point, each person can have two claims going at the same time. If you claim 2 subjects, you will still have the 10 weeks to finish all 100 icons. You can claim 2 characters, 2 races, or 2 locations at one time. But if you claim 1 race and 1 character they cannot be of the same race. (For example, you cannot claim Legolas and Elves at the same time)

-All 100 of your icons must contain your subject. You can have other things in them but you must keep your subject the main focus.

-You DO NOT have to post all 100 icons at once. You can if you wish but you can also break them into smaller batches. Each batch should have a minimum of 10 icons, which should be placed behind a cut. You may have 3 preview icons outside of the cut. You are allowed to do fake cuts, but you must state that it is one. You are also allowed to link your personal journal or your own icon community.
If your icons contain swear words or other questionable content please post a warning and have them behind a cut.

-All icons must be made new for this challenge. Also, please put some effort into these, show off your skills. You don’t have to be amazing at making icons, but at least put some effort into them

-Out of the 100 icons you make, 50 of them must follow a set of themes. These themes are listed below. You can take them any way you wish. For example a “blue” theme may be seen as simply the color, or it can be see as a person being sad or “blue”. It really only matters how you wish to interpret things

So then, 50 of your icons are free choice, meaning you can do whatever you wish with them. There is a limit of how many animated icons you may make. Only 10 total of your 100 icons may be animated.
With the the themes, you do not have them made in order of how they are listed, but all 50 must be used.

Just remember to have fun with this.

To Post Your Claim use this form

Subject:</> eg. Legolas, Hobbits, Gondor etc

Number of Icons: how many icons you've got posted.. e.g 56/100

Batches Done:

Due Date: